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I know, personally, how important your loved ones clothing is to you. I treat your treasured clothing with the utmost respect, care, and tenderness.


I began hand-stitching around the age of 7 or so, I can’t exactly remember, though I grew up watching my mom and grandmother sew. They would sit around the tiny dining room table amongst the record player, scads of records, and of course, the encyclopedia of sewing collection. The bookshelves were white faux plastic bamboo and wallpaper depicted bamboo stalks. The projects my mother and grandmother worked on started with fabric and ended up becoming something magical. Through my young eyes I watched (and often interrupted) their sewing session turn out numerous outfits for both adults and children, and craft products for the upcoming bazaars and craft shows. It was around the age of 7 that I was handed a needle, thread, dull scissors, and fabric scraps. As an adult, I now see that this was to keep me occupied and out of their sewing room!


November 26, 2001, was the day my youngest, Hannah Grace, was called ‘home’ to be with the Lord. Hannah was 14 months old and was in good health until around her 1st birthday when it appeared she began fighting off what was misdiagnosed, as URI (upper respiratory infection). It wasn’t until her autopsy that it was discovered she had the pneumonia virus and that it ultimately caused her to pass- away from Myocarditis.

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