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Welcome! I am so glad you are here!

This page is dedicated to helping you navigate my website and get to know more about myself (Stephanie Grams) and why I offer these sewing services. My online sewing studio is hosted right here, at and I often share stories of my memory bear customers.

I do hope you will stick around and introduce yourself and share your story! My sewing services take your favorite, most treasured pieces of clothing and create a family heirloom (or often referred to as Memory or Keepsake items). I think it's important to share with you that each item I make is handmade by myself and I take pride in my work. I also would like to remind you that these items are not meant to be used as toys, as they are to be seen as a 'one of a kind' item; after all, you are taking lovingly used clothing and creating a precious item to remember your loved one. Therefore, I can not be held responsible for mishandling or misuse of your created memory once it arrives at your door. 

I am always available to answer your questions, prior to ordering, so please email me directly! Let's get acquainted! Click the titles below to be taken to that specific page :) 

Policy and Disclosure 

Contact Stephanie via email:

Memory Bear Pricing

  • $80.00 - Large 18" bear.  Bear can be made from 2-4 pieces of clothing. 
  • Eyes and nose are hand- embroidered with DMC Floss


  • $80.00 - 15”-18" Bear lovingly made from your treasured clothing or special fabric
  • $10.00 - Shipping and handling for 2 to 3 bears
  • $20.00 - Shipping and handling for 4 to 6 bears
  • Angel Wings (per bear) $12.00
  • Iron-on patch $5.00
  • Return remnants?  $5.00
  • Signature Required for Delivery of finished bears?
If you are interested in ordering a memory bear, or if you have any questions, please contact us at CRAFTYOWLCONSULTING@GMAIL.COM


Step 1: Choose your clothing.
Step 2:  Download the order form (click here and download) if the download does not work, please email CRAFTYOWLCONSULTING@GMAIL.COM  and I will email it to you directly.
Step 3: Request a phone call or email from Stephanie so we can discuss your order details.
Step 4: Mail your clothing to Stephanie (the mailing address is kept private until we speak via phone or email).
Step 5: Make your payment. (I accept credit cards via Paypal, checks (must clear my bank before items are started) or money orders.)
That's it! Your Memory Bear will be created and shipped back to you!


  • At present, we cannot take orders from outside the USA.
  • Best fabrics for bears are cotton, polyester, cotton blends, flannel, fleece, corduroy, denim, chambray, moleskin, chenille, terry cloth, and most washable, easy to care for fabrics.
  • At this time we cannot use fabrics such as knits, sweaters, satin, silk, fur, leather, or other heavy fabrics.
  • Please allow 3-5 weeks turn around on your order. Orders of 3 or more bears could take longer, please discuss this with Stephanie.
  • Please ship your FRESHLY laundered clothing. Clothes must be free of pet hair, smoke, perfumes, and dyes. Otherwise, clothing may be returned to you at your expense. 

Sorry, at present we cannot take orders from outside the USA

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